24 10 2008

I’ve really got to stop turning up on time to gigs when I’m by myself. I’m late to absolutely everything else that goes on in my life, but whenever I’m seeing a band by myself I always seem to wander in just as the doors open and…oh dear, I’m the only person here that isn’t a personal friend of the band. This is…this is awkward. I’m just going to sit here on the periphery of the room and hide behind my streetpress until some more actual fans show up. Ignore me!

Anyway, what? Oh yes, this is a review of The Bedroom Philosopher’s gig at the Northcote Social Club last night. Which despite my varied pleas in various mediums NONE of my friends came with me to*. Well, SUCKED IN GUYS, you missed something awesome. Next time when I say to you, “It’s a guy who sings funny folk songs, though they’re not just funny, they’re also insightful and iconic and kind of heart-hurty, and he does a bang-on Bjork impersonation…come on, it’s going to be great!” you should heed all of my frustrated arm flailing.

Support was courtesy of the spoken-word stylings of Ben Pobje. I do like a bit of shouty man poetry (though the one about the pedophile was possibly just a tiny bit enormously wrong and I’m not sure the hipster public was quite ready for it). Good fun anyway.

The Bedroom Philosopher show proper was split into two sets, the first solo, the second complete with backing band The Awkwardstra. While Justin playing on his own is joyous and accomplished in and of itself, with the Awkwardstra his melodies hit a gorgeous peak, making a sea of cross-legged people on the floor in front of the stage sway and wriggle in time. And who doesn’t love a band with accordions and flutes and sitars! 

The show also featured the Melbourne debut of the Wow Wow’s Song filmclip, hoorah!. Once it inevitably makes it’s way onto youtube I’ll provide a link, it’s just one of those things that you HAVE to see. Wow Wow’s Song also proves significantly less terrifying in person (I love it now, but the first time I heard it on triple J was without any context and I was frantically thinking to myself, “Holy shit, Justin’s gone INSANE!” Genius takes a while to blossom with me, I suppose). Other song highlights were Megan the Vegan (as a vegetarian, I don’t find it hypocritical to adore this song. Vegan-nazis piss me off as much as militant meat-eaters!), Generation ABC (I can’t think of anything else that encapsulates my generation so perfectly), and The Heart Song, which always makes me heart-sad, because I’m a squishy weenie underneath my hard, cynical candy coating.

So if you’re curious and need so more indie/folk/comedy-stylings in your life (if you think you don’t you’re lying), head over to (I’ve even put it in the blogroll for you, for I am considerate and pushy). While over there, sign up to Laptopping. It’s the sort of thing where when it pops into your inbox you end up doing a little dance in your chair, and then make yourself a cup of tea and something sweet to enjoy while reading it (which doesn’t always work out well because sometimes you’re laughing so hard you snort tea everywhere, or end up choking on biscuit crumbs).

(Oh, and just in an aside concerning some banter last night: I totally do that constantly-checking-my-pants-zipper thing. It’s like a goddamn mania. It’s not a ‘I wear vintage pants and the zippers are dodgy’ thing though – I’m just forgetful after visiting the toilet. Because toilets are good places to think and you’re generally focusing on anything BUT the fact you’re in the toilet, and I’ve had several occasions where I’m not paying attention and only do up my pants’ buttons and forget about the zipper. Having been caught out in public several times now, I’ve perfected the discreet pants sweeper movement to check for upright zipperness. Though as a girl I find that getting away with such an action has a low strike rate; for whatever stupid reason, blokes are almost expected to always be at the tackle, whereas if a girl wanders a hand anywhere near The Vag Zone they’re almost immediately taken to task. “What are you doing?” “Err…” “OH GOD, DON’T, NOT IN PUBLIC!”)

* You’re all lucky I ended up encountering some other kids from work so I wasn’t a losery loner-pants all night. The complaining from me you all would have endured!




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